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GUN-GRABBERS: Are more states headed for gun-control battles?

These bastards never sleep… and neither should we.

SEATTLE – In Washington state, some gun owners are fired up.

Initiative 594 was designed to plug loopholes in gun laws by mandating background checks for private arm sales and gun transfers. On Election Day, voters made their voices heard loud and clear, passing the measure in a landslide – almost 60 percent to 40 percent.

Anette Wachter, a six-time USA Shooting rifle team champion who led the campaign against Initiative 594, said the National Rifle Association underestimated the fight put up by gun-control advocates.

“Now, they have a huge, huge, huge battle on their hands,” said Wachter, referring to the NRA. “Because it will spread to other states.” She added: “This is a cancer. Seattle was a test bed for this initiative and it passed.”

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