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HAMMER TIME: Krauthammer, ‘Dems Race-Bait When They Don’t Have Any Arguments’

If you don’t have anything to say, just throw out the ‘racist’ card.

Krauthammer: Well, the desperation and the ad hominems come into play when you don’t have any arguments. the 2010 election, the shellacking the Democrats took was about ideology. It was about liberal overreach–the stimulus, Obamacare, over-taxation, over-regulation, and we know what the result was. that set off this counterreaction called the Tea Party. And what we’re seeing now six years later is an election that’s not only about ideology. It is a rejection of hyper-liberalism, but there’s now an overlay of sheer incompetence.

In the second year of this administration, 2010, all of this stuff was aspirational. It was in the future. well, now we’ve seen six years of Obamaism and actually the problem is not just the ideas and the ambitions, it’s the fact they are just incompetent. Remember in 1988, Michael Dukakis said ‘this election isn’t about ideology, this is about competence. That’s because if you’re a liberal, you don’t want it about ideology. You won’t even use the word.

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