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HEY, ‘HEALTH’ NAZIS: Oldest Living Vet, 108, Smokes Cigars, Drinks Whiskey, Drives And Works

This Veteran is a true bad ass. He knows how to do life. Check it out…

Richard Overton, the oldest living United States veteran at 108 years old, credits his longevity to two things.

First there’s his ‘medicine’ – the tablespoon of whiskey he adds to his morning coffee, which he claims keeps his muscles tender.

Then there’s the dozen or so cigars he smokes – but doesn’t inhale – everyday.

Overton was at the center of last year’s Veterans Day parade in Arlington – accepting a celebratory box of beloved cigars during a standing ovation – and appeared again this year at the parade near his home in Austin, Texas.

Overton, was born in Bastrop County, served in the Army during World War II.

He served in the South Pacific from 1942 to 45.

He sold furniture in Austin after the war and later worked for the state Treasurer’s Office.

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