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HMMMM…Thoughts on the ‘Problem’ of Childbearing

by Roja Washi
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Two approaches to the “problem” of Childbearing:

1. “We need to talk about ending a pregnancy as a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women.” 
2. If bearing this man’s baby is repulsive, why is having sexual relations with him not equally repulsive (see Ann Coulter)? Or, why is avoiding sex with him 5 days out of the month so difficult? Or, why not wait to have sex only with a man whose commitment to you is total and whose child you would cherish come what may?

The first is to mainstream the casual murder of the child in the womb and the second is to mainstream committed romantic love. The first puts us at about the level of a troupe of chimps and the second, uh, well, higher than that. The first is to speak of degradation, the second to speak of beauty. 

Question: I wonder, of those women under, say, 30 who decide to abort their babies: What percentage do so because they have learned that the baby’s father is having sex with other females? And why do none of the pro-abort feminist authors/spokeswomen touch on this subject? 

In my experience, abortion is actually a very simple human relations phenomenon, it goes like this:Well, kid, bad news. Your Dad is out banging other females so I’ll be darned if I’m going to suffer through nine months of pregnancy with you while Daddy obviously doesn’t give a rat’s-ass about you or me. He made his choice and I’m making mine. 

And here’s an addendum to the 2nd approach. I’d support legislation along the lines of the following. 

To: Mr. Don Juan
Fm: Dept of Family Services, Enforcement Division

Congratulations! DNA testing confirms that X, to whom you are not married, is carrying your child and henceforth on the 1st of each month you will remit to X 1/3 of your monthly income or $XXX, whichever is greater (we’re checking that now), and that you will continue to do so until this child graduates from high school (Warning: you do not want this child to be a dropout!).

If you are unemployed and feel you cannot raise $XXX by the 1st come by our office within three business days of the date of this notice and bring a complete list of your assets including cars, phones, electronics, etc. If you are married and wish to make arrangements such that Mrs. Juan remains unaware of this novel indebtedness, we can only suggest having a trusted relative make the payments for you (Please inform our office of that arrangement).

And finally, our records show you to not be overly bright, much less a math whiz, and so we feel it is only fair to inform you that you will not be able to afford more than two more of these children (bringing the total to three) but should that situation eventuate (happen anyway) you are hereby notified that the County will seize your assets up to the projected amount of your indebtedness or, if you have no assets, you will have the choice of full-time volunteer work for the county (read chain-gang) or castration. 

As usual, DFS wishes you health, happiness and responsible living!



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