JONATHAN GRUBER: Ivory Tower Elitist? Or Con Man?

Written by Steve Bowers on November 19, 2014

This thing with Gruber and his admission of disdain for the rest of us is entirely out of hand. (Please note that Gruber has admitted in an interview…now famous…or infamous…that he met with your President in the Ovular Office to discuss how to sell Obamacare to the “stupid” [Gruber’s word] voters in America.

So, this Obamacare idiocy (and disdain) goes all the way to the top, which should surprise no one, except liberal/socialist/commie/pinko types. (You know who you are…and if you are still unaware of your propensity for all things socialist/commie and Obamaesque…let me help you in your maladroit self-analysis…you are in this group if you are rioting in Ferguson…or carrying a gun in Ferguson (like some stupid state senator of Missouri  who claimed she needed her firearm because she had been threatened by “many” persons whom she refused to name. The good senator was an “African American” which made  me wonder why she should be fearful among thousands of other followers of Al “Mary Tyler Moore” Sharpton. Unless, we may construe her “fear” as a tacit admission that “black on black” crime is truly a serious concern in our country.) If you are rioting in Ferguson today…or are sympathetic with those who are…and couldn’t attend because your government assistance check hasn’t arrived or your cheap handgun is in for repair…you are included in the commie/socialist group referred to.

Is Gruber some sort of expert or academic.  Who knows? I used to think academics were all Ivory Tower types ensconsed in rooms sporting dark ancient oak paneling, tall coffered ceilings, bookshelves and ancient volumes  strewn everywhere. Maybe an owl (not a raven …that’s a different oeuvre entirely) over the “pallid bust of Pallas” at the broken Georgian pediment over the entry door. (OK…I couldn’t resist the Poe allusion…but don’t you think Poe was thinking of an “Ivory Towered” venue when he was writing about Lenore’s sequestered sad lover?)

But back to Gruber, who is very apparently in the above referenced group (commies)… and also an  “academic” or an “intellectual” or, at least, an “apparatchik” (I know I’m on solid ground with that last phrase…all of which makes me wonder if those three words haven’t become synonymous during the last few decades?) He does not fit my image of a professorial Tower type. No…my vision of those guys was more in line with the astronomer in  Vermeer’s painting of the same name.

Suddenly, with the mention of the great Vermeer…I am reminded of the promise made by ISIS and their pals all  over the world (including the Oval Office?) to destroy all things “western” which includes all things to do with music, literature, culture, ballet (not a big problem for me), MLB (hold on there, Abdul!), presumably not nuclear technology …(at least not the weapons type) and of course…that most famously dangerous form of western culture…art. (How do you eradicate music…or little kids drawing on nursery walls?)

Imagine the Louvre and the Library of Congress up in smoke. Every violin gone. Every pig, too, along with the NFL. The great museums of the world gone! The Rijksmuseum, containing Rembrandt’s Night Watch, from which I could not walk away or avert my eyes…or the Sistine, which was sort of obscure because I had smoke in my eyes… or the 34 other Vermeers or even the Jackson Pollacks (which I admit I sometimes like). What kind of world would that be? We have enough backward Philistines in our country without, additionally, making bumpkinism and outdoor plumbing the official mode of living.

These creepy cowards are worse than the Nazis. At least Hitler and Goering fancied themselves art “connoisseurs” and stole everything that wasn’t tightly screwed down from collections all over Europe. These idiots want to burn the stuff! Where would that leave my cartoons?1? CRETINS!!!

No…Gruber doesn’t look anything like someone you might see in a Vermeer. (Just for fun…see my cartoon.) He just looks like a basic garden variety low level management con-man. And his admissions of collusion with Obama prove him to be only a low level commie-stooge con-man, at best. Nothing new or special about that. Not in this administration.

Nope! Neither the World Wide Caliphate or this administration are gonna work out.

PS: Did you see the Fox female commentator make a reference to the new Senator from Iowa? TheFoxette obviously loves alliteration, but did not grow up on a farm. She made a quick passing reference to the new Iowan in the US Senate by recalling her experience on the farm neutering pigs. Mostly, male pigs, I’m sure. Someone once sent an email around listing the academic credentials of some of the women newsies on Fox. It was far more formidable than I expected. But the person in question needs to bone up on her agricultural knowledge. I grew up on a farm, but never recall ever “castrating cows.” This is just the sort of statement that will hurt Fox‘s credibility in the farm belt fly-over, but not with liberals. They won’t “get it.” Never.

“Castrating cows.”  I’m not sure where you’d start trying.

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Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.