LAME: Kim Kardashian’s Exhortation To Vote For Dems Didn’t Work

Usually Kim’s big boobs and backside are very influential. But for politics? This Mid-term? Eh, not so much.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of misunderstanding the midterm elections, after the reality star posted a message supporting Barack Obama on Twitter and Instagram.

On Monday night, Kim posted a cartoon image of herself with President Obama, writing: ‘I’m standing w Obama in the midterm election 2morrow!’ despite him not being up for re-election.

Kim was instantly mocked for the post, with Twitter users explaining that Obama is clearly not on the ballot for Tuesday’s midterms.

Some users labelled Kim an ‘airhead’ while another called her a ‘useless bimbo’ as they assumed Kim was encouraging her Twitter followers to vote for the President.

However, others pointed out that perhaps Kim’s tweet meant she was ‘standing’ with Obama in voting along Democratic party lines (despite the fact that in 2002 she appeared to back Republican hopeful Rick Santorum).

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