Published on November 15, 2014

By William Spencer-Hale
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Ask any run-of-the-mill, groupthink Obama voter about guns (and if you can’t find any, come to my neighborhood; I live in Hank Johnson’s, previously Cynthia McKinney’s, congressional district – my neighbors are idiots), and they will parrot the same meme heard incessantly on the MSM: “We must save the children”, “Fewer guns will reduce crime”, “The Founding Fathers never intended us to have modern assault weapons”, “The Second Amendment only applies to the Militia, who are actually the National Guard.” However, for the most part, and there are a few exceptions, the liberal responding to your question has no history with guns whatsoever.

Most liberals didn’t grow up around guns, have never shot guns, do not own a gun, do not participate in the shooting sports and believe guns are these dangerous little things that have a mind of their own. Case in point, a liberal never blames the criminal, always the instrument of criminality. Unless it’s a baseball bat or a knife; in such a case, the liberal media always neglects to give the reader/watcher any insight into the weapon of choice.

Most liberals know absolutely nothing about guns. Nothing at all. They wouldn’t know an assault rifle from a semi-automatic rifle from a pop tart bitten into a scary shape. And therein lies the ease in which the elite progressives brainwash their constituents for the greater good of a socialist America.

You see, while the Obama-voting, Harry Reid-loving, ACLU-funding morons are blindly taking their talking points from the latest Democrat party bumper sticker, the real overlords of these blind, historically-challenged fools are using them to create a nation more in the image Marx, Lenin and Mao than the Constitutional Republic embraced by our parents and grandparents. And guns have always been a hindrance to that agenda.

Guns are far more than a means of self-preservation and protection against evil. They are far more than just a means of providing for your family. They are even more than a barrier against tyranny, though most liberals will disagree that such an obstacle is even necessary. For those of us who understand the psychological and moral power of the gun, we are a danger to our would-be overlords, and not so much as in the armed patriot kind of way, but in the free, untethered, sovereign citizen kind of way. Guns are freedom. Tyrants hate freedom.

For those of us who are armed, and we are in the tens of millions, we are the greatest impediment to totalitarianism that the world has ever known. We stand on our own. We are not dependent on anyone, or anything; we can hunt our own food, protect our own homes, family and property and only require the police to complete the paperwork and remove the body, and are beholden to none but God for our survival and prosperity.

For those engaged in an ideological war to place more and more of us under government dependence, we are a threat to their narrative. As such, they demonize guns, gun owners and the Second Amendment. They criminalize the idea of gun ownership. They remove references to guns from history, insuring that their mindless followers do not realize that it is the gun that has shaped history, freed slaves, conquered tyrants and has bestowed freedom on hundreds of millions. They tell their puppets in the media, who pass it along to the eager would-be, coffee shop socialists that the police are there to defend us and private citizens have no need for such dangerous things. Or, they even go so far as to tell us the gun is a liability, especially for women, and will be taken away by the criminal and used against them.

The MSM, along with most of the Democrat party are complicit in the murder of thousands. They are liars. Every time someone loses their life because they were convinced guns are unnecessary, or local governments have made it too difficult to obtain a firearms license, or were made to fear the gun or question its usefulness, the elites are just as guilty as the scum who actually committed the murder, rape or home invasion.

And in truth, it’s not that the elites hate guns or believe them not to be useful. On the contrary, the Left, the Elite, Liberals, Tyrants, Nazis, Socialists, Communists and other forms of political criminals have always required guns to fulfill their oppressive agenda. Guns are mandatory in the hands of a select few to keep the masses in line. Liberals don’t hate guns, they just hate guns in the hands of free people.

It’s time to put a stop to the lies, and teach our neighbors the truth about guns. And we don’t need to lecture them or spend millions on campaign ads. Just take a liberal shooting. Teach them the rules of safety. Show them that the gun is only a tool. Help them to understand the thrill of the shooting sports, whether it’s Trap or Skeet shooting, Defensive Pistol or the CMP rifle matches. Show them that the gun does not have a mind of its own. Show them that they are in control of the weapon. Teach them of the history of the gun and its importance to the freedom of men, women, communities and nations.

Once they understand the true power of the gun, that it’s simply a physical metaphor for freedom, they may come to know what we know.

Take a liberal shooting. You just might open their eyes and make a step toward saving the country.


William HaleWilliam Hale is a polymath, a conundrum amongst his friends and coworkers, a man whose interests run contrary to modern stereotypes. William is equally adept at both trapshooting and pastels portraiture, armed defense instruction and Christian philosophy. A veteran of the Cold War who served as a Pershing crew member during very worrisome times, his faith runs deep and his knowledge of history is formidable. This combination gives him an understanding and insight into the intertwined physical and spiritual aspects of life that few understand. His gift is that he has no fear of the evils he perceives and is able to explain the world around him to those who listen.


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