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LIBERAL CHICK: ‘I’m A Right Wingers Worst Nightmare’

Elections bring out some weird critters, eh?  Folks I’ve never seen in my neighborhood, as in ever, suddenly rock up at Whole Foods, pre-election, wearing a Statue of Liberty spiked crown and Borat’s thong, screaming at me to vote for weed to be legalized while I’m just trying to buy a pint of chicken noodle.

Indeed, our elections have become an amazing amalgam of Anonymous auguring for anarchy; Paulbots looking for liberty, RuPaul stumping for trannies, Commies vying for tyranny and that fat, toothless black lady yapping for a free Obama phone, y’all!

Truth be told, and I know it’s weird to tell the truth during election cycles, but I love it.  At least we have the wherewithal to express issues that are muy importante to us because they sure as shizzle aren’t afforded such liberties in Suckistan.

Elections and the activists that fuel them to moi, are a Star Wars bar scene, mixed with the most diverse menagerie known to mankind, sprinkled with a little Lincoln Road, a slice of Austin with a splash of a Benny Hinn healing line, all shaken up into one human cocktail of political kookiness.  Of course, there’s the staid and the sane that make up the concerned rudder amongst us, but good Lawd, it does get bizarre during this time of year.

There’s one chick that’s floated to the top of pop political zaniness in the last couple of years that I find an entertaining and an exemplary model of the best public schools and liberalism have to offer.

Her name?  Liberal Chick.

Her game?  Well, according to her Facebook page she’s “a right wingers worst nightmare…helping liberals everywhere understand what they believe and exposing conservatives for who they are.”

Yep, Liberal Chick is on a one-woman crusade to systematically root out conservative principles and cheerlead her progressive ideals, primarily via the means of memes, lots of hash tags, misspelled words and fifteen-second videos.

Sadly for Liberal Chick, her beloved Leftists suffered a massive and embarrassing shellacking of biblical proportions last week, thwarting all her good hash tag efforts to further her feckless worldview.

Never one to be daunted, Liberal Chick mustered her might to explain, via video, why Obama’s lackeys got so brutally hammered in the midterms. Her explanation?  Well, you’ve got to see and hear it for yourselves by clicking Liberal Chick’s video below.  Enjoy and don’t forget to follow this kooky broad on Facebook.


Here are some more of her videos:



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