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MUSLIM MAYHEM: Palestinians Celebrate Car Jihad with Vile Cartoons

Ahh, the Religion of Peace. So loving and compassionate. Check it out…

Palestinians have refined a new form of homicide in recent weeks: driving vehicles into crowds of Israelis. This has the advantage of permitting Palestinian leaders to claim these are merely “accidents” to the Government of Israel while celebrating the attacks as “martyr operations.”

Cartoons, posted by what pass as Palestinian news agencies, establish the grizzly celebration of these murders as “heroic” acts which should be encouraged.

Two definite cases of car jihad have taken place in Jerusalem with a possible third attack in a nearby suburb:

  • On October 22, a Hamas operative rammed his father’s car into a crowd waiting at the Jerusalem light rail.  A 3-month-old American-Israeli baby, Chaya Zissel and a 22-year-old Ecuadorian converting to Judaism, Karen Mosquera, were killed in the attack.  Seven others were injured.
  • On November 5, a Palestinian with ties to Hamas accelerated a van into a crowd at a Jerusalem light rail station, and attacked others with a metal bar, killing a Druze Israeli Border Police officer, Jedan Assad, and injuring 14. Critically injured yeshiva student, Shalom Ba’adani, died on November 7.
  • Also on November 5, a van with Palestinian license plates ran over 3 IDF soldiers near Bethlehem, injuring all 3.  The IDF is currently investigating this incident.

Various Palestinian “news agencies” began posting cartoons celebrating the attacks on Facebook. These are but a few examples that appeared on November 5.




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