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MUSLIM PROPAGANDA: Mom Outraged At Son’s Homework, ‘Most Muslims faith stronger’ than Christians

This mom is ticked after seeing the alleged answers to her son’s High School homework. Check this out…

A North Carolina woman is outraged at a work assignment her son brought home from school that appeared to show the public high school is teaching that Muslims have stronger faith in their religion than Christians.

According to WJZY-TV, the woman in Union County, N.C., contacted the station with a homework assignment that included fill in the blank sentences in which the correct answer appears to show students are being indoctrinated.

Here is a portion of the homework:



It’s important to note that school officials haven’t confirmed to WJZY reporters whether the answsers the woman’s son wrote in were the “correct” ones, but given that the station reported that Porter Ridge High School has had several opportunities to do so, it’s a pretty good bet the kid wrote exactly what he was being taught and the school district is trying to figure out how to play it for the media.

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