IF MUSLIMS BEHEADED YOUR KID, WOULD YOU FORGIVE?: Peter Kassig’s Parents Say They’ll Forgive ISIS KILLERS For Beheading Their Son

Published on November 18, 2014

WWJD? Would you/could you forgive if they did that to your child? Not me…

The parents of murdered U.S. hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig said today that they would forgive his ISIS terrorist killers.

Ed and Paula Kassig made a short statement on Monday afternoon at their church in Indianapolis after it was confirmed that the extremists had beheaded their 26-year-old son, following a review of an ISIS video released on Sunday.

Mr and Mrs Kassig said ‘our hearts are battered but they will mend’ and asked people around the world to pray for their son.

‘In 26 years, he has witnessed and experienced firsthand more of the harsh realities of life than most of us can imagine,” Paula Kassig said of her son, Peter, who changed his first name to Abdul-Rahman after converting to Islam during captivity.

‘But rather than letting the darkness overwhelm him, he has chosen to believe in the good — in himself and in others.

‘Peter’s life is evidence that he’s been right all along — one person can make a difference.’
The aid worker and former U.S. Army Ranger was captured October 1, 2013, while delivering aid in Syria through a relief organization he founded.

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