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OINK OINK: This Group Wants to Use PIGS to Thwart Muslim ‘Mega-Mosque’ Plans In the UK

This idea is genius. Let’s see if it actually works. Check it out…

Often times, when there’s talk about the construction of a so-called “mega-mosque,” people are strongly opposed due to the types of extremism that stem from such a place. Well, a group in Great Britain wants to halt the construction of one, and they have a rather ingenious plan to stop it.

The leader of the group Britain First, Paul Golding, said that his group intends on burying a pig at the site where the proposed mosque will be constructed in hopes of thwarting its plans, according to the IBTimes. He came up with the idea after planning permission was granted by the town of Dudley, then unveiled it outside of the town hall on the day the mosque was approved.

After declaring the Quran forbids any construction on grounds containing swine, Golding claimed that burying a pig at the site would surely halt construction.

“We will find out where this mega mosque is and we will bury a pig right in the ground [there]. We’ll do that: We’ll bury the pig and that’s the whole thing scrapped,” he declared.

His plan might not be so foolproof, however, as some Islamic leaders are saying that not all Muslims object to handling pork. In which case, the pig wouldn’t stop them from proceeding as planned.

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