Published on November 21, 2014

He is acting all on his own now.
President Obama offered a softer deviation from his typical “I dare you” rhetoric so often seen when he addresses the supposed need for his executive actions in bypassing a dysfunctional Congress. Obama maintained that what he was offering was not, in fact, “amnesty,” but a simpler expansion of the right to stay in America free from the worry of deportation- to allow those who broke the law to make amends and “get right with the law” and stay in the country.
Or, in laymen’s terms: amnesty.
The president’s address outlined his plan to expand the ability of up to five million illegal immigrants to stay in the country, but that such a plan does not allow citizenship for those who have cut the line and come here illegally.
The speech was filled with numerous sob-stories of hypothetical children and adults who have endured hardship for having been here illegally. The president also addressed the very-real case of Astrid Silva, an illegal immigrant who has thrived academically and now works to address the need for amnesty as a human rights consideration.
At the center of this debate, however, is not merely the right and wrong of rewarding criminality with citizenship or legalization but the president’s inherent inability to make such sweeping orders and in doing so, bypass the elected legislative bodies.
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