IS THIS RACISM: Grandmother Ordered to Remove ‘Offensive’ Woollen Ape Hanging in Her Living Room

Written by Gayne C. Young on November 6, 2014

“One evening two police officers, a man and a woman, knocked on the door at around 7:30pm. They told me that they needed to speak to me about the ‘black body’ hanging in my window,” is how 70 year old Anne Feast describes to Express what happened when the law came after her about the knitted toy she had hanging in the window of her Cambridgeshire, England home.

The toy in question was a woolen figure named ‘Cilla the Gorilla’ which has hung in the window since last year. Someone found the gorilla’s presence so offensive that they called the police to complain.

The police visited the elderly gorilla maker and said that someone had found the black body hanging offensive and that she needed to remove it from view.

Mrs. Feast replied, “I said: ‘Pardon? Do you mean the baby gorilla?’ to which they replied Ah that’s what it is, is it?’”

Despite being told that the figure was a gorilla, the police insisted that it be removed. Mrs. Feast countered, “I told them there was no way I was taking it own and to be honest I basically closed the door in their face.”

Mrs. Feast added that she was so upset by the police’s visit that she forgot to ask who found her toy offensive.

What’s even stranger than the police asking a grandmother to remove a toy from her window is that the police issued a statement saying they have no record of the visit to Mrs. Feast’s home.

Who ya’ gonna believe: the elderly gorilla maker or the police?

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