RAW… UNEDITED: Darren Wilson’s Account About What Happened When He Shot Dead Michael Brown

Published on November 25, 2014

Here is the raw story straight from Darren Wilson himself. Check it out…

The following is a part of the hearing before the Grand Jury of St. Louis County on September 16, 2014, in the case of State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson.

For the full transcript from the hearing, please scroll down.

Examination by Ms. Sheila Whirley, Assistant Prosecution Attorney for St. Louis County (Q) of Police Officer Darren Wilson (A):

Q: ‘Okay, We are going to get a map here shortly so you can kind of map it out for us. So you are going west on Canfield Drive, what happens?’

A: ‘As I was going west on Canfield, I observed two men in the middle of the street, they are walking along the double yellow line single file order.’

Q: ‘Okay. And you say something to them, did they say something to you first?’

A: ‘No, you want me to just go with the whole thing?’

Q: ‘Sure, go ahead, let’s start there.’

A: ‘I see them walking down the middle of the street. And first thing that struck me was they’re walking in the middle of the street. I had already seen a couple cars trying to pass, but they couldn’t have traffic normal because they were in the middle so one had to stop to let the car go around and then another car would come.

‘And the next thing I noticed was the size of the individuals because either the first one was really small or the second one was really big.

‘And just for the conversation, I didn’t know this then, But the first one’s name was Dorian Johnson, the second one was Michael Brown. That was discovered, I think, the following day is when I learned the names.

‘I had never seen them before. And the next thing I notice was that Brown had bright yellow socks that had green marijuana leaves as a pattern on them. They were the taller socks that go halfway up your shin.

‘As I approach them, I stopped a couple feet in front of Johnson as they are walking towards me, I am going towards them. And I allowed him to keep walking towards my window, which was down.

‘As Johnson came around my driver’s side mirror I said: ”why don’t you guys walk on the sidewalk.” He kept walking, as he is walking he said,”we are almost to our destination.”’

Q: ‘Do you think he used those words, destination; we are almost to our destination?’

A: ‘Yes, ma’am. He said we are almost to our destination and he pointed this direction over my vehicle. So like in a northeasternly (sic) direction. And as he did that, he kept walking and Brown was starting to come around to the mirror and as he came around the mirror I said, ”well, what’s wrong with the sidewalk.” Brown then replied, um, it has vulgar language.’

Q: ‘You can say it, say it.’

A: ‘Brown then replied ”fuck what you have to say.” And when he said that, it drew my attention totally to Brown. It was a very unusual and not expected response from a simple request.

‘When I start looking at Brown, first thing I notice is in his right hand, his hand is full of Cigarillos. And that’s when it clicked for me because now I saw the Cigarillos, I looked in my mirror, I did a double-check that Johnson was wearing a black shirt, these are the two from the stealing.

‘And they kept walking, as I said, they never once stopped, never got on the sidewalk, they stayed in the middle of the road. So I got on my radio and Frank 21 is my call sign that day, I said ”Frank 21 I’m on Canfield with two, send me another car”.

‘I then placed my car in reverse and backed up and I backed up just past them and then angled my vehicle, the back of my vehicle to kind of cut them off kind, to keep them somewhat contained.

‘As I did that I go to open the door and I say ”hey, come here for a minute” to Brown. As I’m opening the door he turns, faces me, looks at me and says ”what the f are you going to do about it”, and shuts my door, slammed it shut. I haven’t even got it open enough to get my leg out, it was only a few inches.

‘I then looked at him and told him to get back and he was just staring at me, almost like to intimidate me or to overpower me. The intense face he had was just not what I expected from any of this. I then opened my door again and used my door to push him backwards and while I’m doing that I tell him to ”get the fuck back” and then I use my door to push him.

Q: ‘You tell him to ”get the fuck back”?’

A: ‘Yes.’

Q: ‘Okay.’

A: ‘He then grabs my door again and shuts my door. At that time is when I saw him coming into my vehicle. His head was higher than the top of my car. And I see him ducking and as he is ducking his hands are up and he is coming in my vehicle. I had shielded myself in this type of manner and kind of looked away, so I don’t remember seeing him come at me, But I was hit right here in the side of the face with a fist.

‘I don’t think it was a full-on swing, I think it was a full-on swing, but not a full shot. I think my arm deflected some of it, but there was still a significant amount of contact that was made to my face.

Q: ‘Now, he was hitting you with what hand?’

A: ‘I believe it was his right, just judging by how we were situated.’

Q: ‘Right.’

A: ‘But like I said, I had turned away, had my eyes, I was shielding myself.’

Q: ‘Where did you see the Cigarillos at?’

A: ‘They were in his right hand.’

Q: ‘Okay, were there any broken Cigarillos or anything in your car later.’

A: ‘No, I don’t remember seeing anything on the ground or anything.’

Q: ’Okay’.

A: ‘After he hit me, it stopped for a second. He kind of like, I remember getting hit and he kind of like grabbed and pulled, and then it stopped. When I looked up, if this is my car door, I’m sitting here facing that way, he’s here.

‘He turns like this, and now the Cigarillos I see in his left hand. He’s going like this and he says, “hey man, hold these.”

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