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REVOLTING: Leaked Video of ISLAMIC STATE Auctioning Sex Slaves

This never before seen video shows ISIS openly auctioning sex slaves. See below…

The video was published by the campaign titled “Raqqa slaughters silently”, a concerned advocacy group which reveals news coming out of the Syrian province of Raqqa today Saturday.

The video shows ISIS openly admitting that the establishment of a “slave market” to sell women with one of them saying “Booty market today … today is the market for ‘ “what your right hands possess”.

“What your right hand possess” is strictly the sex trade as one can find from the Quran, the chapter of women 4:3. The ruling of Sharia allows it. (see notes below from Islam Question and Answer)

He adds “today is the day of distribution” as one of the ISIS terrorist begs to be given one as a gift since he could not afford to pay.

With absolute disregard for women the auctioneer says: “Today, each will get his choice. He can sell them or gift them or donate them, he is a free to do whatever he wishes with his share of the booty”.

One of them answers the question about the price of the girl, adding, “…price varies depending if they have blue eyes, the price differs”.

The recording shows what seems like a headquarters with the ISIS flag clearly visible.

It should be noted that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said last month that the state regulation of non-Muslim, has sold about 300 Yazidi girls for a thousand dollars each.

According to the Observatory published on its official report that the organization “has distributed to its members in Syria during the days and weeks past, about 300 girls and women from the followers of the Yazidi religion, who were abducted in Iraq several weeks ago, and on the basis that they are slaves of the spoils of war from the infidels and in several cases documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. ”

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