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ROSE McGOWAN: ‘Gay Men Are More Misogynistic Than Straight Men’

Cue the homosexual hissy fits in 3 … 2 … and 1!

Rose McGowan has declared an “indictment” of the gay community, claiming that homosexual men are “more misogynistic” than their straight counterparts and dismissing those who boycotted the Brunei-owned Dorchester Hotel collection as “delusional idiots”.

The American actress, who claims to have lived a life “heavily entrenched” in LGBT, was discussing the protest against the hotel chain with gay author Bret Easton Ellis in his weekly podcastwhen she made the comments.

The Dorchester Collection, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, has been the subject of boycotts since thecontroversial change to the penal code was scheduled to come into effect on 22 April 2014 that made homosexuality punishable by stoning to death.

Stephen Fry was among the first celebrities to attach themselves to the campaign.

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