The Safari Cigar Club: You Won’t Find A Better Cigar For A Lower Price

Published on November 8, 2014

The Vallorani Giles CIGAR CLUB

.375 Mag art

We know you love our cigars, that’s why you keep coming back to order more. Your patronage and loyalty is greatly appreciated. But wouldn’t it be nice if your cigars just showed up on your doorstep without having to order them every time? Well, now they can. And we’re making it so easy, a wussy could do it. Check it out here.
Not only is this a much easier way to get your sticks every month, it also saves you money! Members of our cigar club receive special pricing that no one else gets. Check out the prices below… we’ve made it unbelievably affordable!All you need to do is select the subscription for your favorite Safari cigar (or choose the Sampler Pack if you like ’em all) and complete the checkout process as normal. Then sit back, and wait for your cigars to arrive at your front door. Choose your subscription now.

Once you’re a member of the club, we’ll deliver your box of cigars to you once a month. Of course, you can always log-in to your account and modify or cancel your subscription at any time. Learn more

.375 Mag art
.450/.400 Cigar Club Subscription
Box of 5
$30 per month
The .500 Nitro
Our robusto .450/.400 is just that… very robust! A short and punchy smoke that’s just perfect with your morning coffee before you go out to hunt or fish. Hand-rolled in Nicaragua, this stand-out smoke is beloved for its consistently satisfying taste and rugged hints of earth and spice. Nothing matches its choice in an Equadoran binder, Nicaraguan filler, and San Andrés wrapper. Learn more

.500 Nitro

.500 Nitro Cigar Club Subscription

The Safari Sampler

Box of Five
$40 per month

The .500 Nitro features the blackened-brown San Andrés maduro wrapper, a powerful Ecuadoran binder, and a bad ass blend of Nicaraguan fillers. This cigar is for dudes only. Be afraid. Learn more

.500 Nitro art
.375 Mag Cigar Club Subscription
Box of Five
$35 per month
The .500 Nitro
The .375 Mag is a rich and medium-bold cigar that is just like its name sake, sleek and powerful. This smoke sports a San Andrés maduro wrapper, an Ecuadoran binder, complemented by Nicaraguan filler. Learn more

wildman art
Wildman Cigar Club Subscription
Box of Five
$40 per month
Brandon Vallorani and Doug Giles believe every man should be a wild man, living bold, wild and free. This cigar was crafted in celebration of that type of individual. With its rich sun-grown San Andrés wrapper, Equadoran binder, and Nicaraguan filler, this cigar creates a deeper full-bodied smoke with an enticing aroma and taste. Enjoy these earthy cigars that appeal to the hard core aficionado. Learn more

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