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SEALS AT WAR: Fellow SEALS Brand Rob O’Neill A LIAR After Claims He Killed Bin Laden

Well this looks like it’s going to get ugly. What are your thoughts about O’Neill’s claims?

The SEAL Team Six member who was named as the man who shot Osama bin Laden dead is facing a whispering campaign from other SEALs claiming that his account of the killing is not truthful.

MailOnline yesterday revealed that Rob O’Neill, a retired 16-year veteran of the elite squad is the man who says he shot bin Laden in the head to kill him.

His identity had been a closely-guarded secret but he is due to reveal his account in an interview with Fox News next week.

Today it became clear that other SEALs are about to accuse him of lying – although there is agreement that he was on the raid.

A SEAL source told MailOnline: ‘The real shooter would never discuss it publicly.

‘Members of SEAL Team Six haven’t discussed it publicly so there’s a reasonable chance he’s not being truthful.

‘There is no way O’Neill could really prove it was he who took the fatal shot on Osama bin Laden unless his comrades all attested to it.

‘But again, the code of secrecy with these special operators would preclude that.’

A second source told MailOnline that other SEALs were expected to speak out anonymously against O’Neill.

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