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SHOCKER: Creed’s Frontman Scott Stapp, ‘I’m Homeless, Penniless, The IRS is After Me!’

Shocking video from one of the biggest names in showbiz. Check it out.

Scott Stapp — the lead singer of Creed and one of the most successful frontmen in the ’90s — says the government has stolen his money and now he’s so desperate, he can’t afford rent or even food.

Stapp just posted a 15-minute cry for help on his Facebook page, saying the IRS has frozen his accounts and the banks have conspired to rob him of his fortune.

The singer says his wife — who has filed for divorce — is trying to get him committed, falsely accusing him of doing meth and showing signs of paranoia. Her divorce docs reportedly contain text messages from Stapp which say, among other things, “Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way.”

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