SPLAT! Is White House Run Ruined for Conservative Minorities?

Written by ++++Allen on November 16, 2014

I have a question.  Has King Obama ruined a White House run for blacks? I say yes, all conservative -– other than white — candidates will be judged by the “Well, what if” club members and will be found guilty.  The “Well, what if” club is shaking in their boots.  Not that our conservative worried thoughts would ever be spoken out loud but, I’m going to. 

Try this one on for size.  “Well, what if” we choose a so-called conservative black man to run for president, and later he starts to channel Obama?  “You never know, he isn’t one of us”.  You know blood is thicker than water.  What if Dr. Ben, Allen West or Ted Cruz turns Dr. Jeckle and one of these also tell us to “get to the back of the bus”, just like Obama did? Flatly speaking, we conservative people just aren’t as trusting as we once were. I believe we were truly a color-blind group. But Obama changed all that, possibly forever. We never thought that an elected black president from any political party, would ever display animosity for any American based on race. Or the first black, First Lady would ever say she has “never been proud of my country before.” Yep, the king, and queen have pretty much destroyed future White House bids for minorities, especially in the conservative movement.

My personal favorite black conservative rock star is Allen West. Yet, if we don’t take a chance, and find an electable person of color to represent us, it’s very possible we conservatives will never get into the White House again.
Liberals, who think they are color blind, are not.  What liberals are is self-pandering, self-righteous, America killers – who vote strictly for color, just to pat themselves on the back and say, see I’m not a racist.  No, that kind of thinking is worse than being a racist, because it is completely ignorant, and downright dangerous. 

Democrats and/or liberals don’t vote for substance or character.  Obama’s being president is proof of that; and two terms on top of it!  The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.  

Shouldn’t the Obama voter have asked themselves, “Who is this guy?  What is his voting record?  What does he stand for?” No, Obama voters didn’t ask, right there is proof that only color rates a liberal vote. 
A conservative patriot is supposed to be color blind despite Obama. We must come up with a strong backboned, none apologist person of color to represent us in the 2016’s bid for the White House. 

Voting for a person of proven character should be the norm. Someone with no allegiance to any particular race of American, but seeing for the common good of our country. This should be the character appreciated and voted for by the conservative patriot.  Actually, all voting Americans should value character, they just don’t.
By the way, my favorite rock stars for 2016 are Allen West, and Ted Cruz, hands down.  They would make an awesome duo.  This kind of pairing is what it might take to get back into the White House.  Both are strong, no weak-wristed apologists.  Both are proven conservatives.  Cruz knows the evils of communism, being Cuban. And as a retired Army Colonel, Alan West knows the importance of a strong military. With much Middle Eastern experience, he clearly articulates the Muslim threat that we as a country are facing.
Another question begs to be answered by Democrat voters.  Especially Christian, or Catholic Democrats, (that in itself is an oxymoron and a different article).  Have you read the Democrat Party Platform Statement?  Hmmm?  If I was a betting person I would bet no, you haven’t.  Here is a clue, let me just quote Gods word here, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.  Another clue, God isn’t talking about college.  He is referring to knowledge of His Word.  ‘Nuff said.

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