SURPRISE: Chick’s Boyfriend Reveals He Was Born a Girl, They Still Have Plans to Get Married

Published on November 15, 2014

Ladies, here’s another thing you have to make sure of when you start dating someone – that they’re actually a male. Check this out…

Everyone expects to finds a few skeletons in the closet when they start dating a new person.

But Charlotte Urie, 20, was left shocked after her boyfriend confessed he was actually born a girl.

With his strong jawline and muscly torso, Charlotte had no clue that the new man in her life – Kieran Moloney – had come into this world as a female called Ciara.

For years, the 23-year-old kept his sex-swap a secret, until he met Charlotte in 2012.

The couple have now been together for two years and are hoping to marry and start a family using Kieran’s best friend as a sperm donor.

Charlotte, a barista from Camden, London, said: ‘I would never have guessed Kieran’s secret, but as soon as he told me he’d been born a girl it didn’t matter to me.

‘I was surprised, but I love him for who he is and see him as a man.

‘He’s very masculine and has a great body, but he’s also my best friend.

‘I never had any concerns about dating someone transgender. Biology doesn’t matter.’

Kieran, originally from New Zealand, but now living in London, said: ‘When I first met Charlotte, I was blown away by her beauty, but I was terrified of how she’d react if she found out I used to be a girl.

‘I needed to know I could trust her, before I revealed my secret.

‘Other girlfriends have been ashamed of who I am, but when I told Charlotte, she was so accepting. She’s amazing.’

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