SURPRISE: Home Owner Walks Into New Home and Finds Dead Body of Previous Tenant

Published on November 12, 2014

Well, that was probably the last thing he expected to see. Would you still want to live there? Check this out…

A Russian man who entered his new flat for the first time, walked in to find the previous tenant murdered in the bathroom.

Taras Yermolayev, 45, found the dead body of alleged drug dealer Dementi Zakharov, 50, lying in a pool of blood and the flat ransacked and ‘smashed up with a sledge hammer’.

Mr Yermolayev had met up with Mr Zakharov just one day earlier to pick up the keys for his new apartment in Novokuznetsk in south central Russia.

Mr Yermolayev says the flat had been put on the market after Mr Zakharov had stopped paying the rent, so the owner had decided to sell it.

He had then purchased it from a online advert without even visiting it, telling police that the price was so cheap he had wanted to act quickly to make sure he grabbed a bargain.

He said: ‘It was terrifying when I saw the body, like the stuff from a horror movie.

‘The place looked like someone had smashed it up with a sledge hammer and then done the same to the previous tenant.

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