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UNREAL: Thug Arrested and Charged for Vandalizing Graves of Veterans

This thug has been charged for burning flags and vandalizing Veteran’s graves…on Veteran’s day. Let’s hope he gets justice. Check it out…

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday after DNA tests linked him to vandalism at the grave sites of several veterans in two area cemeteries.

Feasterville resident Anthony Davis Carter, 29, was fittingly taken into custody by Bensalem police on Veterans Day to face charges of arson, institutional vandalism, and “related offenses.”

Carter denied he vandalized grave sites in Roosevelt Memorial Park and Rosedale Memorial Park, which had both seen American flags removed and set on fire, along with gravestones being burned, on multiple occasions, according to WPVI.

“Why this knucklehead would decide to damage grave stones and marks and burn American flags, I have no idea,” Bensalem public safety director Fred Harran told the station.

Authorities had collected DNA from the wooden handle of one of the burned flags, and that DNA matched a sample provided by Carter after he was spotted late one September night walking through one of the cemeteries.

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