VICIOUS BUSINESS: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Written by ++++Allen on November 22, 2014

Right off the bat let me just say these are my mom’s words not mine. And she will more than likely bolster her argument by enclosing a picture of me too. Now, here is my mom:

I’m writing this article about the double standard that exists between those in a superior higher-up-the-food-chain position than the rest of us peons in the working world and beyond. This is a battle that I (her mom) fought first-hand in our church and wrote a book about it, out of my frustration, titled The Underbelly of a Mega Church. I wasn’t hated for being beautiful, that wasn’t the issue in my situation. It was my outgoing and friendly personality that grated those who possessed a badge and a grudge.

So back to my daughter’s story, she just had her first taste (as an employee) of you-are-the-peon, so how dare you be “loved by the club members” – and beautiful on top of it — hatred of the working world. Yep, that old hatred that killed Snow White is alive and well in modern society. All aided and abetted by false rumors, vain imaginations and tattling, in order to elevate oneself (the Coven Leader and his assistant the Holler Daughter.)

Let’s get one thing straight. Business life is not all about the customer, or club member – all though it should be — being treated well, in order to give the customer the best experience while dining, drinking or shopping. Remember Continental Airlines’ slogan from decades ago? If not, I will help refresh your memory. Quote, “Continental, it’s the only way to fly.” Translation? We treat you better than the other airlines, so fly with us. Today’s business world isn’t geared toward having a happy clientele…NO! It’s about management riding rough shod and helping you remember your place…peon! (Or at least that’s how it is here.)

daughterMy daughter works, or should I say worked, at a country club. Many members have told her “you are family” because she is friendly, out-going, goes above and beyond and always has a smile on her face. Serving was not a J.O.B. but a calling to her. One told her that in the 30 years he has been a member there and a participant at the watering hole, that no one has ever served him snacks. She would find the Chex-mix, or peanuts and spread bowlfuls around the tables for the snack deprived golfers. To her, making the customers happy was a priority.

One would think the management would be happy too. After all… the members were happy and spending their money more than they ever did. Well, not to the secretly-smoldering-with-jealousy management! Members weren’t asking the higher-up-the-food-chain management personnel to sit and talk awhile, so how dare you be invited to! Management Quote, “You cannot sit with the members,” … ok, but they asked me to! And don’t be so friendly either…Really? (Writer note: no hanky-panky was going on, so get that out of your head.)

The business world is filled with double standards, fueled by jealousy and contempt for those who possess more charm, beauty, appeal and kindness.

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