VOTER EXPOSURE: Dem Governor Tweets Pic Of Voter With the Wrong Cleavage Showing

Published on November 4, 2014

This Democratic governor tweeted some interesting pictures at the polls today. Check it out…

It’s official: Missouri plumbers vote too.

Jay Nixon, the Show-Me State’s Democratic governor, sent out an embarrassing tweet Tuesday morning as voters queued up to cast their ballots, showing a woman seated at the polls with her butt-crack exposed.

The guffaw-inducing gaffe quickly went viral, and staffers swapped out the image 19 minutes later.

‘Voting in #JCMO this morning,’ Nixon tweeted, referring to the state’s capital, Jefferson City.

‘Make sure to cast your ballot & make your voice heard #Election2014’

Missouri is holding statewide elections for U.S. House seats, but neither Nixon nor Missouri’s U.S> Senators are facing election fights.

Reaction to the original tweet was fast and furious.

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