THAT’S A RELIEF! Babbling Biden ‘Calms’ America’s Fears

Written by Audrey Russo on November 5, 2014

Looking to pave the way for his shot at the White House, the only VP to live with both feet in his mouth, Joe Biden, has decided to calm the legitimate fears of Americans on ISIS and Ebola.

The man who has: Known 3 of 8 Presidents, “intimately” (8/22/12); said his opposition will “put y’all back in chains” (8/14/12); promised us “the president has a big stick” (4/26/12); was embarrassed he didn’t “know the Web site number” (2/25/09)…is going to impart information that will calm our fears on ISIS and Ebola…


On CNN recently, Biden remarked concerning Americans’ fears about existential threats in the homeland:

The public is concerned and frightened because it’s a frightening world. A lot has happened … I think the public should not be as anxious as they are, but it’s understandable why they are. There is no existential threat to the United States right now.

There are fewer than five cases of Ebola in the entire United States of America. The American public is gaining confidence in the fact of the way this is being handled, that science does matter.

You look at what’s happening with ISIS. ISIS is not an existential threat to something happening to someone in the Unites States of America. It’s a serious problem overseas, but it’s confusing and frightening and it’s totally understandable.

We’ve got to figure out — we, the president and I, have to figure out how to better communicate what’s being done. That’s part of the problem. That’s part of the dilemma.

Okee Dokee, Uncle Joe…but just a few points, in case you missed them:

— Yes, “it’s a frightening world” because you and your BOSS have worked arduously to help make it so. By aiding our enemies (i.e. arming the rebels-turned-ISIS; promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.). But, you didn’t forget our allies…dissing them at every opportunity.
— “There is no existential threat to the United States right now”? As we haven’t heard the last of Ebola here in the US due to our porous borders and the lack of hygiene endemic in illegals immigrating from Third World countries, if you weren’t so busy tripping over your tongue, Mr. Biden, you’d know that ISIS is an existential threat to the US in many ways:
** ISIS is here, thanks again to porous borders and open acquiescence to anyone
following Islam.
** So-called lone wolf Jihadists are NO different than the herds of ISIS in Syria/
Iraq, all following the same Quran, some having made a roundtrip to Syria for
training, and some who took their instruction online at ISIS-U. And they will
continue to multiply as long as Lawmakers continue to make their careers their
priority and cease to DO their job of protecting the American people from an
unconstitutional ideology.
** DHS cannot definitively refute this info, since those agencies under DHS fail to
communicate OR are ignored when they report the truth.

So, Mr. Biden…do the hearing public a solid and button that babbling pie-hole: It’s NOW becoming an existential threat.

Shalom through strength…



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