30,000 BOXES OF BULLSH*T SOLD: Cards Against Humanity Sells A Crap-load of Literal Bull Poop

Published on December 22, 2014

This Christmas, BS was a best-seller not just in DC, but throughtout the U.S.

Cards Against Humanity just won capitalism. The risqué, irreverent “party game for horrible people” offered customers a very special deal on Black Friday: For just $6, they could get their hands on a limited-edition box of “bullshit.”

Eager to discover the truth of the box, a staggering 30,000 people coughed up the cash, and this week, the goods have finally been arriving. Turns out they really do contain bullshit—actual, real, honest-to-god bull shit.


Cue two dozen jokes about boxes of crap, shitty consumerism, not bullshitting, dirty deals, and so on.

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