ANOTHER GOOD COP: Sheriff Took This 9-yr-old Boy on the Hunting Trip of a Lifetime After Reading A Heartfelt Letter

Published on December 31, 2014

Sheriff with a heart of gold treats boy, nine, to the hunting trip of a lifetime – after the boy mistakenly sent an adorable letter to the wrong state.

A 9-year-old Pennsylvania got the hunting trip of a lifetime after mistakenly writing to writing to a sheriff 600 miles away in South Carolina.

Alex Collins’ mother saw a Facebook post by Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood’s program to take small children hunting and fishing and little Alex wrote the sheriff a heartfelt letter.

He explained that he desperately wanted to learn to hunt, but he didn’t have anybody to teach him.

‘It’s just me and my mom and she’s too sick to do stuff. She has a bad heart. I think you are really nice to do this. I hope you pick me to go.’

His mother hand-delivered it to the Chester County Sheriff’s Department.

But there was a problem: Sheriff Underwood is in Chester County, South Carolina. Alex Collins lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

As luck would have it, the Pennsylvania sheriff, Carolyn Bunny Welsh, knows Sheriff Underwood and she forwarded him little Alex’s letter.

Sheriff Underwood responded: ‘If you can get him here, we’ll take him hunting,’ WBTV reports.

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