ANTI-POLICE PROTESTS: Protesters in Oakland Hurl EXPLOSIVES at Cops and Loot a Radio Shack

Published on December 8, 2014

I guess throwing explosives at police will justify the Grand Jury decisions in their book. Check it out…

A second night of protests in Berkeley and Oakland, California turned unruly as demonstrators vandalized businesses, walked onto a freeway and threw explosives at police officers.

Berkeley police Officer Jennifer Coats says Sunday evening’s protest began peacefully until two demonstrators smashed the window of a RadioShack.

She said a doctor who tried to stop the vandalism was injured when he tried to stop the looting and was struck with a hammer.

At least one business owner reported that his building had been vandalized with spray paint, Coats added.

Sunday’s demonstration, which started near the campus of UC Berkeley, was one of a few protests across the nation in response to the recent grand jury decisions not to indict the police officers responsible for killing African-American man Eric Garner in New York and black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The protest started peacefully around 5pm, as a group of more than 200 demonstrators started marching from Berkeley towards Oakland. It’s estimated that the protest grew to between 200 to 500 people.

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