BORN FOR THE STORM: Rise Of Militant Constitutional-Christians

Written by ++++Allen on December 6, 2014

Some of us –including my family– are not the status quo Christian of our parents’ generation and in some cases our grandparents’ generation. I’m speaking about those generations that witnessed firsthand the stripping away of our rights guaranteed under our Constitution from this land we love, AND…without much more than a whimper! The same generations of Christians who sat idly by while ideals of communism thru “wealth distribution” by President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Democrat) established the “Great Society”, aka Welfare and baby mamas for life.

Then enter in the drug world, and blatant earth worship, which un-surprisingly devaluated human life and moral decay followed…need I go there for a walk down memory lane? I didn’t think so. All of which is the product of kicking God out of government and society.

But today we are a rising modern day conservative movement which transcends age, ethnicity and all socio-economical backgrounds – situations that were formerly barriers –in the minds of some– for a coming together with a meeting of the minds. We want our country and our Constitution back! So as with President Andrew Jackson, we too were “born for the storm,” for such a time as this. We want more than just a go-to-church-on-Sunday experience, we want God in the forefront of our government and society as He once was.

We know that our Constitutional God-given rights were founded in Scripture and we intend to re-claim them. Our American-rights were born from our Judeo/Christian Heritage and fight for them we must. There is an urgency building, and we can feel it. We want more, more, more! (Gee did I just channel Billy Idol? Sarcasm!)

born stormMilitant, ( defines “militant” as: vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause: militant reformers) Constitutional-Christians are not compliant! And we will not take this godless government tyranny lying down! It is our right and sacred duty to demand for darkness to leave, and we are to stand and keep on standing, in the true biblical sense… that is to stay alert, be vigilant, be brave, show courage and stand your ground. And we will take ground too, by following in proven patriotic footsteps we will throw off the chains of tyranny one way or another.

We have been inspired by a God-given fire in our hearts, formed in our love of country, guided by the Light from Above. We won’t sit back and tolerate darkness covering our land. We also say the words of President Andrew Jackson, “I was born for the storm, and the calm does not suit me.”

So Bring It On!

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