BREAKING: Terrorist Front Group Issues Target List of Fox News Hosts

Published on December 7, 2014

The religion of peace is targeting Fox News hosts now. Check it out…

One of the unfortunate side-effects of working in major media and actually telling the truth is the target painted on your back afterward.

That’s exactly what the case is with a target list of Fox News hosts recently published by Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR.

At least six employees of Fox News made the list, all for similar reasons, which primarily include calling out Islamic practices for what they really are – evil.

First on the list is the head honcho of the network, Roger Ailes. The CEO made the list due to a 2011 Rolling Stone report that he has a personal paranoia against Muslims. The article stated that Ailes, “has a personal paranoia about people who are Muslim — which is consistent with the ideology of his network.”

Second on the list is Fox News host Eric Bolling. They’re mad at him for saying he’d “love” to have back a guest who said Islam was evil. We don’t see any issue with that, but apparently CAIR did.

Fourth on the CAIR target list is Fox News anchor Lauren Green. She made them mad when she questioned a Muslim author on her book about the founding of Christianity. We think she had valid questions to ask, like, why a Muslim would write about Christianity in the first place, let alone the founding of it.

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