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YOU CAN KISS FREE SPEECH GOOD-BYE: America Caves To The Kooky Bastards Of North Korea

This sure ain’t Reagan’s America. Only in Obamaland. Check this out…

I believe SONY manufactured this terror threat they claim originated from North Korea. But I ask, where were the terror threats when “Team America” was released? The main villain in that film was Kim Jon Il and North Korea. Film studios were not hacked and theaters were not scared into submission.

A few possibilities come to mind.

1. This film, The Interview, is simply horrendous and SONY had to find a way to make sure people would continue to pay seeing it despite that fact. They release a bogus threat to theaters in hopes that it will be a rallying cry for American cinema and a free market. Gone are the days of American bravery and a desire to stick it to the enemy. In the days following 9/11 when there were threats of ongoing terror attacks, Americans were told to go on with their lives. Go to the movies. Go to the mall. To stop your daily routine is to give in to the terrorists and means they win again.

The fact that the movie theaters caved in so easily is an embarrassment to Americans and an insult to all the service men and women who have taken the fight to the the enemy.

2. SONY took advantage of an email scandal, and used the film, “The Interview” and is going to use it as a testing ground for movies on demand.

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