CASTRO’S WHAT BHO LONGS TO BE: Obama, With Nothing To Lose, Embraces Cuba

Published on December 18, 2014

Two peas in a pod, aren’t they?

By Charles Hurt, Washington Times

So this is what foreign policy by Beyonce looks like.

It’s been two years since the sultry and suave music power couple of Beyonce and Jay-Z were publicly humiliated across the globe after they realized it’s not “cool” to visit countries like Cuba run by totalitarian regimes that sponsor terrorism, steal private property, jail people for no reason and freely make critics disappear without a trace.

No, it’s not “cool” to travel to places like Cuba, financially support the regime’s tourism industry and pose in a massive ad campaign broadcast to the ends of the earth showing the world’s most beautiful couple enjoying all the tiny streets and bright colors and spicy foods of Cuba, as presented to you by one of the world’s nastiest and most brutal totalitarian governments.

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