CHE GUEVARA CULT– Celebrating A Murderer For All Seasons

Written by ++++Allen on December 13, 2014

Che Guevara is the revolutionary who helped found communist Cuba. Che was a purist political fanatic, yet our mini-gods, the likes of Gisele Bunchen, wears his image on the fashion runway. While Johnny Depp wears him around his neck and the likes of Madonna adore him, too (not surprising there.)

Che Guevara, the revolutionary who not only founded but enforced (in Cuba) through murder his communist ideals, is the celebrity that celebrities adore. These and other celebrities are those who are ignorant of history and don’t seem to concern themselves with the facts that establish the character of whom they adore and adorn their bodies with (Sheeple.)

For that fact, look at the young skulls of mush in our colleges and public high schools, the un-edgu-makated teenagers and moronic adults who run around in Che Guevara T-shirts. All the while also not knowing a single thing about this communist revolutionary and mass murderer. Moronic reasoning: Gee, if Johnny Depp likes him then… he’s OK for me, too (Liberal Logic 101!)

This moronic thinking is something that baffles Cuban jazz legend Paquito D’Rivera, “Che hated artists, so how is it possible that artists today support the image of Che Guevara?” Turns out the rebellious icon that emblazons countless T-shirts actually enforced political conformity. D’Rivera explains that Che and other Cuban authorities sought to ban rock and roll and jazz.

Since Hollywood’s elite is unaware Che would have objected to their art form and high living lives, their hero would have probably had them disappear and murdered! Why are our politically ignorant mini-gods –leaders of society’s useless lemmings–and their lemmings so easily miss-lead, aka brain dead? Could it be that they are victims of our socialistic public school indoctrination?…Legalized drugs?…Or maybe both?

Due to a lack of a good thought process, cue the Sheeple, aka useless lemmings, to imitate-their mini-gods, therefore also wearing the picture of stupidity on their shirts. These Sheeple-Zombies won’t see the boxcars coming for them! Yet once on scene, these will surrender themselves to the boxcars, thinking that all is well, after all…our government loves them, they voted Democrat.


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