DON’T MESS WITH ANGELINA: Jolie Ain’t Jolly With Sony Exec Who Called Her A ‘Spoiled Brat’

Published on December 12, 2014

If looks could kill.  Awkward moment Sony Exec tried to embrace Angelina at Hollywood movie screening right after humiliating ‘spoiled brat’ emails were leaked.

And the Academy Award for the most awkward photo ever goes to … Angelina Jolie and Amy Pascal.

Just two days after an acerbic email conversation between Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Pascal and Hollywood producer Scott Rudin was leaked – describing Jolie as a ‘minimally talented spoiled brat’ – the two ran into each other at a Hollywood event.

Incredibly, the moment was captured in a single photograph that has already been added to the annals of pop culture cringe.

It shows Pascal appearing to grovel, as the Maleficent actress looks furious.

The picture, taken on Wednesday at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast comes as reports claims that Pascal’s future with Sony is in doubt after the email leak – which reveals a conversation that showed racist comments about President Barack Obama.

The email train between Pascal and Rudin was leaked as part of an embarrassing cyber-hack that has besieged Sony for the last two weeks. The corporation are understood to have known about the leak since February but chose to keep it quiet, according to Gawker.

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