AFTER THE ELECTION? We Want Less, a Lot Less!

Written by Rob Morse on December 5, 2014

For a combined post-election Thanksgiving present, I want less. I want government to do a lot less. I’ll take radical government reduction as-is. There is no need to gift wrap these cuts for the holidays. From where I sit, government doesn’t do much right. The abuse by state and federal agencies has recently risen to new heights.  

Today, our government serves the special interests rather than our general interest. We’re told we can’t exhale because it warms the planet, and we’re told that every puddle is a public waterway that needs to be regulated. All those rules are void, of course, if your project is represented by a Senator’s son. That is the sort of abuse and corruption we see across state and federal government.

That corruption is why most government has to go away. My standards are simple. I want to eliminate government agencies unless they are doing an excellent job. Most are not.

We were lied to about Obamacare. Now that Democrats passed it, now that voters know what is really inside the Affordable Care Act, now we see how bad Obamacare really is. Obamacare threw more people off healthcare insurance than it has enrolled. Obamacare was designed as a massive extension of government power. We must tell our legislators to kill it. They can start over.. or not, but this stinking pile of legislation is unsalvageable.

Let’s take the hard cases first. Yes, even the Environmental Protection Agency has to go away. These are the same politicized hacks who said every puddle is restricted habitat and every living thing needs to be heavily regulated. No, I don’t want the EPA “reformed”. Reform means the next corrupt politician can pick up this lethal weapon of government and attack us with it.. again. I want the politicians and political hacks disarmed rather than asking them for a temporary time-out. Let’s take the EPA out of the federal quiver. Government sins don’t stop with the EPA.

The IRS was used to attack any group that did not support the Obama agenda. That included Tea Party groups, churches, and adoptive parents. Thousands of IRS tax records were sent to the White House so the Obama administration could spy on it’s political enemies. That is only the beginning of IRS corruption. Special tax rules have long been written to pay off political donors in home districts. You and I, the average tax payer, makes up the difference. The personal tax section of the IRS code is now a bloated 71 thousand pages long.

The solution is to replace the IRS with the Fair Tax. I admit the Fair Tax is not a perfect solution. Fortunately, we don’t need perfect solutions. The American people simply need a radical improvement over our corrupt and politicized tax system. If you disagree, I want to hear your argument to support the existing corrupt tax system with its millions of words of regulations.

I’m not done. I have barely started naming names.

The US Department of Energy was created in the 1970s to eliminate our dependence of foreign oil. It has been a failure for four decades. Yes, we should eliminate the DoE too! All the Department of Energy does today is tell us we can’t have domestic energy and hand out subsidies to special interests. The DoE should die a painful death so it serves as a warning to other government agencies. Do your job or you’re gone.

The Federal Communications Commission was created to share radio spectrum between competing users. It was created before cable TV and the internet. The FCC was created when we had a single phone company. Today, the FCC wants to regulate the internet in order to stay relevant and have political spoils to dangle in front of politicians. The FCC is another political nightmare where politicians try to aim legislation at special interests or their political opponents. I don’t need the FCC and you don’t need it either. All I need is the right to fire my cable and internet provider if they don’t provide good service.

Let’s do the same thing with the VA and the Department of Education. It is time we supported education rather than teachers unions. It is time we supported our veterans rather than a huge healthcare bureaucracy. Vouchers accomplish both. More importantly, vouchers let the recipients fire crappy government providers.

I have not listed my special interests. Instead, I’ve commented on the government abuse that harms all Americans. You might think I want to dismantle all government and that I’m against the government taking any action at all. We need the government to do a few things. Unfortunately, the Obama administration injected politics into even the most basic of government functions.

We need to close the borders and eliminate all subsidies, including employer tax credits, for illegal aliens. Our current social subsidies to illegal aliens were imposed by judges, not by legislators. It is time our representatives fixed that. There, I said it.

I can’t wait for the libertarians to call me racist for advocating the same measures every other country takes for its own security. Secure the borders. That is one thing the government might be able to do correctly. Maybe. The court of public opinion is still deliberating.

In the mean time, tell your federal legislators what you want. Your local legislators are listed here.