‘HOW THE F— DID THIS PERSON GET A LICENSE?’: Cops Call This ‘World’s Slowest Hit-and-Run’(VIDEO)

Published on December 6, 2014

This has gotta be a woman or a stoner or a texter or all three.

Police in Alberta, Canada are investigating parking lot surveillance video after footage of an incompetent driver — “Calgary’s Worst Driver” — was posted online Thursday and quickly went viral.

The potential crime occurs a mere 20 seconds into the video, when the driver of the silver BMW SUV backs into the red car, seen below.

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On YouTube and Reddit, commenters marveled at the terrible driving, with some resorting to bad driver stereotypes — there was substantial debate over whether the driver was a man or woman — and others speculating that the person much have been drunk or high.

“[The driver was] probably driving drunk while using a custom etch-a-sketch steering wheel mod,” one commenter on Reddit suggested.

Multiple commenters asked, verbatim, “How the f**k did this person get their license?”

Back on YouTube, commenter Burger responded to the Calgary police with a plea: ”It’s your duty to find out who it is and ban that person from driving for life.”

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