‘HOW THE F— DID THIS PERSON GET A LICENSE?’: Cops Call This ‘World’s Slowest Hit-and-Run’(VIDEO)

This has gotta be a woman or a stoner or a texter or all three.

Police in Alberta, Canada are investigating parking lot surveillance video after footage of an incompetent driver — “Calgary’s Worst Driver” — was posted online Thursday and quickly went viral.

The potential crime occurs a mere 20 seconds into the video, when the driver of the silver BMW SUV backs into the red car, seen below.

On YouTube and Reddit, commenters marveled at the terrible driving, with some resorting to bad driver stereotypes — there was substantial debate over whether the driver was a man or woman — and others speculating that the person much have been drunk or high.

“[The driver was] probably driving drunk while using a custom etch-a-sketch steering wheel mod,” one commenter on Reddit suggested.

Multiple commenters asked, verbatim, “How the f**k did this person get their license?”

Back on YouTube, commenter Burger responded to the Calgary police with a plea: ”It’s your duty to find out who it is and ban that person from driving for life.”

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