Published on December 7, 2014

by Jodi Erickson
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The lessons protestors in Ferguson want you to learn from the death of Michael Brown:

— All white police officers are racists.
— Black young men are the victims of the racist police.
— If a black young man robs your place of business, do not call the police or your business will be looted and/or burned down.
— If a black young man commits a crime and you are a witness, do not come forward or you might be murdered (and then burned in your car).

The truth:
Michael Brown is dead because of the choices he made:

— He chose to rob a store.
— He chose to threaten the store manager.
— He chose to walk down the middle of a road, impeding traffic.
— He chose not to obey the police officer and move out of the road (which resulted in the officer being able to ID him as a suspect in the aforementioned robbery).
— He chose to attack the officer.
— He chose not to stop as instructed by the officer.
— He chose to charge at the police officer, twice.
— He chose to die.

Regardless of Michael Brown’s upbringing, his mental state or the quality of his education, he made choices that resulted in his death.

If fear and or/anger toward the Ferguson police were the impetus for his actions, then let us all learn from that great (albeit fictional) prophet, Yoda:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

Ignorance keeps people fearful, angry and feeling like continual victims. (Great for politicians who feed on these feelings, but counter-productive to the continuance of a republic.)

Perhaps a little CSI 101 is in order: Follow the evidence and then draw conclusions.

That is exactly what a grand jury is duty bound to accomplish and did in Ferguson, MO. Seven witnesses corroborated officer Darren Wilson’s testimony.

But why bother with the truth when fiction is so much better for your false outrage and the optics? Why? Because truth matters. Stinkin’ thinkin’ will lead to the dark side just as quickly as fear.

Image: http://rubenluengas.com/cada-28-horas-un-hombre-negro-es-asesinado-por-la-policia-de-los-estados-unidos/