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‘HE’S OUT TO KILL OBAMA’: Scott Stapp’s Wife Says Creed’s Front-man Wants To Kill Obama [911 TAPE]

Scott Stapp from Creed has officially lost it. Sad stuff. Check it out…

Scott Stapp threatened to assassinate President Obama … and his alarmed wife and sister-in-law made a desperate 911 call to stop him.

Scott had just gone AWOL from a mental facility late last month, when his sister-in-law told the 911 dispatcher he was cruising around his neighborhood, shirtless on a bicycle. She says the former Creed frontman claimed to be a CIA agent and his mission was to kill Obama.

Stapp claimed in a rambling video the IRS is trying to ruin his life because he’s been trashing Obama.

Jaclyn Stapp, Scott’s wife, joins the 40-minute 911 call, telling the dispatcher Scott had printed out 400 – 600 pages of CIA documents which he supposedly found online, put them in a book bag and took off on his bike.

The 2 women were pleading with the dispatcher to snare Scott and take him back to the psych ward.

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