HEY, ANTI-GUN NUTTERS: Falling Deaths Outnumber ‘School Shooting’ Deaths by 10s of 1000s

Maybe we should ban tall buildings…

Washington DC – -(  As Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety seizes the anniversary of the Sandy Hook attack as a chance to push more gun control, it is important to note that falling deaths outnumber “school shooting” deaths by tens of thousands each year.

Again, by tens of thousands–not simply thousands.

According to Everytown’s most recent numbers, there were 45 fatalities from “school shootings” between the December 2012 Sandy Hook attack and December 9, 2014. Forty-five is probably high due to Everytown’s method of compiling such statistics, but it will be used to denote the number of “school shooting” deaths over a two-year period.

And if we divide the two-year total in half, we get a figure of 22.5 “school shooting” deaths for each of those two years.

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