Hillary’s Uphill Battle for President

Written by Mary Anna Mancuso on December 19, 2014

As the Democratic party frays at the seams, former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton contemplates a 2016 presidential run.

Clinton is being hailed as the front-runner for Democrats in ’16, but not everyone is on the Clinton bandwagon. New York Times columnist, David Brooks points out, “Hillary is so out of step today with the Democratic party on foreign policy.

This sentiment should not come as a shock. Clinton’s aggressive stance on foreign policy is a tough sell for Democrats, “if you look at the poll research on how Democrats perceive foreign policy, they’re a lot closer to Elizabeth Warren than Hillary Clinton,” Brooks points out.

Hillary’s problems extend far beyond her foreign policy stance, her lack of platform, messaging, and inability to energize the youth the way Obama did in 2008 and 2012. Couple this with her track record as Secretary of State and her voting record as Senator; Clinton will half to juggle her time between answering questions about her tenure in the Obama administration to proving why she’s fit for the job.

From a messaging standpoint, saying she’s ready isn’t going to be enough. The Democrats lacked messaging in 2014, which ultimately cost them the election. Hillary will have to find a common ground and her message will have to be different. She will not be able to run on her last name alone.

Aside from the lack of messaging Clinton will have to bridge the Grand Canyon sized gap between her and Middle America. She’s out of touch with everyday Americans who struggle and have suffered for the past six years under President Obama’s leadership.

Mary Anna Mancuso was Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Connie Mack’s U.S. Senate race in 2012. After innovating several successful social media campaigns, she was named one of Florida’s up and coming conservatives by the top political blog in Florida, “The Shark Tank.” Today, Mancuso hosts a lecture series called “Politics 3.0” which focuses on how social media has changed the political landscape. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brockport College, Mancuso obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science with a dual concentration in American Politics and International Relations from Long Island University. Her background is in communications with a focus on online social media. Previously she has worked at the New York Bureau of Fox News, NBC-Universal, and as the Deputy Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia.