I’D HATE TO BE A JIHADIST IN A KAYAK: Look At Our Navy’s New Bad-Ass Aquatic Drone

Published on December 17, 2014

I can’t wait ’til they weaponize this bad boy and sent some to the Persian Gulf.

Weighing in at 100 pounds and measuring five feet long, a device dubbed the “GhostSwimmer” is the newest piece of technology in the US Navy’s arsenal. The “silent” aquatic drone is one of the first working prototypes in the Navy’s “Silent Nemo” program, a project named after the clown fish of the same name in Disney’s Finding Nemo. GhostSwimmer is built like a cross between a shark and bluefin tuna, and according to a Navy press release, is much quieter than a comparable drone with rotating propellers.

What makes the GhostSwimmer special is its array of fins, which allow it to swim much like a fish does. The Telegraphreported that because it is powered by its own body movements, the device will be harder to track through traditional methods such as sonar. Its maneuverability also makes the drone useful for a number of roles, such as sniffing out sea mines, inspecting ship hulls, or squeezing through areas that are too small or tight for larger vessels to access.

“The idea is to take millions of years of evolution,” the project’s manager, Marine Corps Capt. Jerry Lademan, told theDaily Press. “This fish has perfected itself by swimming around the water for millenia, so what we are trying to do with this project, [through] the idea of biomimicry, is to reverse engineer what nature has already done to optimize design for us.”

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