ISIS NOT ALONE: Pakistani School Attacked by Taliban

Written by Angel Rodriguez on December 16, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, you will find that extremists talk a big talk when it comes to loving their God, and their Muslim brothers and sisters. However, that only applies when you support their extremist views. Should you not, then you are nothing more than an infidel. You are just sheep to be slaughtered, burned alive, and shot down, regardless of your innocence or age.

Such was the case at a military school in Peshawar on Tuesday morning. The facts are still coming out, but so far we know that at least six gunmen clad in the latest suicide vest attire, armed with guns, stormed the school.

No one was spared because of age, religion, or any other reason. Everyone was fair game in this attack. No children were spared, no men were spared, and we know of at least one teacher who was set on fire in front of many children. Never mind the trauma this will cause the kids, these terrorists set a man on fire. It would appear that the extremist are diversifying their killing portfolio.

The Taliban has claimed this attack for their own. The acts were carried out, allegedly as payback for the killing of Taliban soldiers by Pakistani forces.

The latest updates have the siege as over with many injured, and at least 126 dead, mostly children. However, that remains to be absolutely confirmed as of yet.

It looks like the Taliban wanted to let ISIS know that it isn’t the only youth-murdering group around. These murderers  have no regard for human life, young and old, faithful or not. Yet, our government officials are concerned about a little water boarding. These attacks are carried out with military strategy, and though I feel that the 2nd amendment would help stave off attacks such as this, the best defense is a good offense, prevention, by any means necessary.



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