JOEL OSTEEN: Guess Who Osteen’s Omitted Mentioning In 1000’s of Tweets

Published on December 31, 2014

You’d think that Joel would’ve mentioned Him more, eh?

In the last year, Joel has tweeted roughly 806 times. He used the word God in a general sense 261 times, he never quoted the bible, and used the words “dream” or “dreams” as in achieving your dreams 66 times. Here is what searches for the following words turned up:

  • Jesus, Christ (2 tweets for Easter) – April 19th
  • Christ (1 tweet for Easter) – April 20th
  • Jesus (1 tweet as a plug for movie he was promoting “Son Of God) – February 27th
  • Scripture Quotes – None
  • God – 261 times
  • Dream – 47 times
  • Dreams – 19 times
  • Salvation – None
  • Hell – None
  • Repent – None
  • Sin – None
  • Sins – 1 time
  • Blessing – 18 times

But here was the biggest shocker of them all. The most visible and most popular Christian pastor in America only used the words “Jesus” and “Christ” 2 times each! And 3 of those tweets was because it was Easter, and the other was a plug for a movie! In the past 13 months, Osteen has invoked the Name of Jesus Christ less than 0.0025% in all his public tweets.

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