LIVING IT UP: Gitmo Prisoners Seen Shopping, Drinking and Enjoying Freedom In Uruguay After More Than 12 Years Locked Up

Published on December 13, 2014

It’s a nice life being a terrorist these days, huh?

Four of the six men released this week more than a decade incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay took their first walk in freedom on Friday, stopping to buy a bit of cheese and bread on a stroll through Uruguay’s capital.

The men – four Syrians, a Tunisian and a Palestinian – are staying at a house in a middle class neighborhood as guests of a major labor union, which has been asked to help by President Jose Mujica.

The union’s executive secretary, Gabriel Melgareo, said Friday that four of them managed to elude journalists and went on a 6-mile walk along the banks of the Rio de la Plata on Thursday.

‘They were enchanted by the blue sky of Montevideo, the tranquility of the city, the ability to walk through the streets in absolute calm,’ Melgareo said.

Bakery worker Laura Larrobla said two of the men stopped by to purchase cheese, yoghurt and bread.

‘They looked good, although they only talked through an interpreter,’ she said.

Melgarejo said that for the most part, the men are euphoric at their freedom and making plans to bring their families.

‘Today they began taking Spanish classes,’ Melgarejo said. ‘A teacher came in the morning and we obtained several Arabic-Spanish dictionaries, which was not easy.’ People of Arabic descent make up a small part of Uruguay’s population.

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