MADE IN AMERICA…and Other Stuff, Too

Written by Larry Usoff on December 29, 2014

Once again, my rage-level has gone beyond what is allowable, at least for me. Let’s start with the recent murders of the two New York City policemen. They were assassinated, and that’s the proper word, by a nut-job who had killing on his mind. He was black, he was a Muslim, and he was a nut-job and that seems to be the entrance requirements to Islam.

Now, don’t squirm in your seat and then decide to write me and tell me that “not all Muslimsï are nut-jobs, or that we’re “not at war with Islam” because I’ll have to disagree with you on both counts. Every report, so far, where acts of terror have been committed, or tried to be, have been done by followers of Islam, and in the name of Allah. Why else would they shout that phrase before they kill, either themselves or others?

This, now, is going to be my tag-line, because I truly believe that we are going to be in an armed conflict in this country. The Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming! Paul Revere didn’t say that, but he sounded the alarm about the British, and I’m trying to do the same about the Muslims.

I recently received two pairs of lounging pantsï…that’s the bottom half of flannel pajamas in case you didn’t know. The giver was very proud that they were an American brand. Being a person that dislikes tags on things, I went to cut them off and discovered that this famous American brand was now made in China. Holy moley…don’t we make anything in this country anymore? That’s a rhetorical question because I know we do, and there are websites devoted to American-made products. Imagine that, having to look up a website to see what you can buy that’s still made in the US of A.

We use a lot of plastic storage containers, ostensibly from ”Betty Crocker”, a brand name owned by General Mills, but the containers which are stamped with the logo, are made in China. I own guns, Winchesters, Smith and Wessons, Colts…all the name brands, right? Recently I bought a gun, a carbine, that was an exact replica of a Winchester 1873 model, and found out it was made in Brazil. Say…didn’t we give them a couple of billion a few years back, to develop their oil industry? And didn’t they turn around and sell the stuff to everybody but us…but I could be wrong on that.

Both the Winchester Super X2 and the newer Super X3 are made in Belgium, with additional assembly work done in Portugal. Since the mid 1990’s all Winchester historic lever actions (formerly called Limited Editions) have been made at this same factory. This includes the rifles listed here…Historic Winchesters: Model 1885 Single Shot, Model 1886 lever action, Model 1892 lever action, Model 1895 lever action, Model 1873 lever action. These “Historical Winchesters” are back in production today after being absent from the market for many decades. All are in production today. All are made in Japan.

The Chrysler 300 isn’t “Imported from Detroit,” as the tagline on its TV ad implies. It’s made in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, with, in some models, an engine from Mexico. Likewise, a radio ad calling the Ford Fusion an American-made car isn’t so all-American after all. Fusions are built in Mexico.

Although manufactured in the United States, the Jeep is a collaborative effort of companies from several different countries. The chassis shop is managed by a Korean company, the body shop is run by a German firm, and a Canadian-Austrian business oversees the paint. Ultimately, however, Jeep is an American car owned by Chrysler which is owned by Fiat of Italy.

Chevrolet cars have been rolling off the assembly line since 1911. The Bogota plant, in Bogota, Colombia, and the Daewoo Incheon Motor company plant in Incheon, South Korea build the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback and sedan. The CAMI Automotive plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada builds the Chevrolet Equinox. Oshawa Car Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada is where the Chevrolet Impala is produced, as well as the Camaro…and we could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Made in America…are you sure about that?

The irony in this is that we are a nation that made these things first, and we made them better than anybody else. Now we outsource everything and I blame that on two things; greed and taxes…well, now that I think about it you can roll taxes into greed and that answers the question entirely.

When are we going to put this country back to work, and back on its feet? That answer is also simple…when you get the foreigner in the White House out of there…oh wait, when you say foreigner you have to be specific, because there’s so many of them in this administration. Even the President was not …made in America…

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,



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