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IN THIS MOVIE: An Attacking Thug Dies Because A Good Girl With A Gun Shot Him

BTW, the producers of this film don’t care if Kim Jong-Un or any other sawed-off dictator doesn’t like their movie. Enjoy.

If your front door is suddenly bashed down in the middle of the night and criminals rushed into your house, would you know exactly what to do?

If some perverted freak tries to rape you, would you have a means to defend yourself?

Regis Giles says, whip out a semi-automatic or get your shot gun and blast. That guy will most likely skedaddle and not stick around to get shot.

More Americans want guns in their homes for protection, and perhaps a sign out front declaring the house a gun-filled rather than gun-free zone. Yet, Democrats pledge to bring gun control legislation back to the floor.

Amid the controversial debate on gun control, Giles, a conservative activist and a leading voice for the second amendment right, is shattering the false liberal narrative that claims gun owners are just a bunch of old fat white guys clinging to their guns.

“I want to see women taking the fortitude to turn from prey to formidable defender,” Giles told Daily Surge. “There have been countless times in the news cycle where I have seen women abducted in broad day light and found dead days later. I want to see this stop.”

Regis is taking her passion and making a film to combat the twisted lies that gun-control zealots propagandize. She has partnered with a team of acclaimed filmmakers to produce a 90-minute documentary motion picture that will carry the same title as her website, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns intended to serve as a wake-up call to all Americans.

(Help support Regis’ film by going to the movie’s crowdfunding website.)

“This is a great opportunity to go out there nationwide, get stories of women who have used firearms in self-defense and present it to the nation,” Giles said. “I started this documentary to take on the mainstream media’s narrative on gun control and how guns aren’t for women and how if anything they harm women—it’s just blatant lies.”

The film has a projected budget of $500,000 and is expected to take about a year to produce from start to completion. Giles launched an online fundraising campaign through whereby grassroots activists around the country can donate to the cause.

Read more: Daily Surge

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