NO, GOD…PLEASE, NO: Concha, ‘Sharpton Arguably Now The Most Powerful Person In America’

Published on December 26, 2014

With Obama and de Blasio kissing his ass on a regular basis it appears as if in Obamaland Sharpton is OZ.

By Joe Concha, Mediaite

Outside of the president, Al Sharpton might possibly be the most powerful man in America right now. And no, that isn’t an overstatement.

Think about what the 60-year-old activist and MSNBC host has going for him right now:

Power Indicator #1: Sharpton has been to the White House to advise President Barack Obama, his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, or both. No big deal, right? Plenty of MSNBC hosts have visited over the past six years.

Care to guess, according to the White House Visitor Log, just how many times Sharpton has visited since Mr. Obama took office? Five times? Nope. 15 times? Try again. 25 times? Getting warmer. He’s visited at least 35 times. Quite the feat considering Sharpton is an unelected official living about 250 miles away from DC.

Do you think any other civilians have that kind of frequent access?

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