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NY COP: ‘AU Gun Laws Did Nothing to Stop Sydney Terrorist From Getting a Gun’

Yeah, because laws stop criminals…oh wait, isn’t that why they’re criminals?

Retired NYPD cop John Cardillo weighed in on what he thinks the lessons for law enforcement are from the Sydney siege.

-Draconian gun laws did nothing to prevent a terrorist from getting a gun.

-One armed patron of cafe could have ended this quickly.

-NSW Police Commissioner treating this like a local crime, not terror.

-5 hostages have escaped so they have ironclad intel.

-Shooter has shown his face and body multiple times, yet snipers not given green light to shoot.

-Police attitude is cavalier, letting spectators very close to crime scene

-NSW Police so focused on downplaying terror, that they’ve unwittingly given terror 24 hours of global press.

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